Memo April 2019

To: All Clients and Patients
From: Hae A. Kim, M.D.
Re: My covered specialty and Interests
Date: 2019

My special interests in Psychiatry and psychoanalysis are in the field of Cross Cultural Psychiatry and Psychology where stumbling blocks are laying from which often leads to misunderstanding of pathology, psychodynamics and misinterpretations.

My practice in New York City and Rockland County for over 50 years gave me plenty experiences in the area of cultural discordant disorders and the variants. This kind of career guided me specialize in Family Psychotherapy and Group psychotherapy as well as long term therapy care.

I have 25 year experience of General Hospital Psychiatry in a private psychiatric unit and use Psycho-pharmacology combined with therapeutic support in my private practice.

My sub-specialty is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine, licensed in New York State which I integrate with psychiatric treatment.

In my semi-retired frame of my practice I offer very selective services to those who had suffered from treatment failures of various reasons and difficulty in making diagnosis. This kind of service compelled me to decline any third party payment system but I provide with affordable fee structure.

Dr. Hae Kim currently specializes in couples and family therapy.
If you feel stuck in your family relationships and are interested in receiving treatment, please call or write to Dr. Kim.